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COURSE DESCRIPTION: National/Regional Dental Hygiene Preparatory Review course 'online' for the US and Canadian 2019 exam. View a sample seminar.

Your complete Comprehensive Review course registration for the NDHCB webinars will include 14 3-hour seminars, bi-weekly: Five 3-hour seminars covering general dental hygiene clinical theory and practice from Darby and Walsh(4th Ed), "Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice" and Wilkins' (11th Ed) "Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist",including hundreds of questions, answers and case studies and including a special presentation on Medical Emergencies and Ethics, three 2-hour seminar on Case Studies for the "Special Needs" client, including Assessment data, radiographs, questions, answers and discussion, plus, eight 3-hour additional Academic Comprehensive Reviews in specific course subjects in Community Health and Biological Sciences -Periodontology, Pharmacology, Radiology, Head & Neck and Dental Anatomy (including Local Anesthesia sites under the Anatomy of the nerves), Embryology and Histology (in association to Oral Pathology and Periodontology), and Oral Pathology.  

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"I PASSED!!! Thank you for everything.  It was all worth it!" -S.S. Feb. 2018

"I just want to say thank you!! This NB course really helped me.  I was successful in the National Board Exam'" -V.M. Feb. 2018

"I really like the case study review seminar. I also like the Oral Pathology seminar as well. I would suggest this NB review, personally, because the review could improve the student.  Sometimes when you study alone there is material you miss.  The NB review covers everything important that could show up on the NB exam." C.D. Sept 2017

"I passed my board exam. I would love to thank you and the other instructors for helping me make this possible. This was my second time taking the examination and I walked in that room feeling relaxed and took my time to make sure that I read the questions with the thought process you taught us. I felt the course was a BIG help and would recommend it to anyone" S.S. Sept 2016

"I got my NB results early this morning, took me 45 min just to build up the courage to check whether I passed or failed. I passed!!!! The webinars were a huge help! I loved it!" S.S. Sept 2016

"I passed ny NDHCB exam. Love you and thanks for all your help and support. Life is good now" H.R. Sept 2016

"Thank you so much, I just passed my National Boards and all the credit goes to you. Thanks allot for such a great review.  I would recommend the course to future candidates as well." A. T. May 2016

"I PASSED!!!!! Thank you and Cate and everyone for everything you guys did to help contribute to my success.  I am thankful for this course." B.A. May 2016

"I just wanted to say thank you for the informative course you myself and many other students with! It was extremely informative. I wanted to notify you that I did pass the exam! All thanks to your course! Thank you for all your help! It was a pleasure." A.C. May 2016

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you taught me during the course. I have gained so much more knowledge from yourself, Cate, as well as, from the other mentors that were part of the sessions." -T. B. January 2016

"Thank you so muchhhhh for making me a suitable candidate for writing the exam. I really would like to thank you and Cate for organizing these amazing education sessions and to all the instructors for sharing their expertise with us" -C.R. January 2016

"I was studying for the exam in a country I did not attend school. I needed something to organize me, to refresh and direct me towards the Canadian Standards of Practice.  RDHEDU.COM was amazing. I would not have done so well without it as the Canadian boards are WAY different than the US boards" -J. W. September 2015

"This was my first time attending webinars and I found them to be convenient and interactive.  The seminar material was thorough and informative.  It was a great review of all the different dental hygiene topics.  All the mentors were very knowledgeable and well organized.  Margaret F. was very upbeat and an excellent instructor.  This course was a great learning experience!! I will gladly refer my friends to RDHEDU.COM without hesitation!!" -S. A.

"I passed!! Thank you so much for your help.  You were such an amazing mentor, and answered every single question I had, considering I completed my hygiene course 7 years ago from a non-accredited DH school..  Your review gave me the confidence I needed to pass my board exam.  Thank you" -E.O.

"Just wanted to thank you say thank you for the amazing seminars" -M. C.

"Wow, what a great review!! Thank you so much everyone" -A. P.

"Thank you so much Joyce, Kimberlee and Terri.  This was an awesome experience" -A.H.

"I took by NERB Computer portion and I passed with a 96!" -P.R.

"RDHEDU.COM organizes a course to review on every chapter in Darby and Walsh -a good way to review the important information in the dental hygiene field; questions at the end can help prepare for the board exam format; it was easy to communicate directly in the 'live' sessions. Thank you very much for the course.  It was very helpful" -P.T.

"This course was good value, and I appreciated the expertise of the instructors to ensure success on the NDHCB exam.  I felt good going into the exam.  The review was very helpful in allot of areas." -A.K.

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed all my exams, and the course that I took with RDHEDU.COM really helped me on my National Examination.  Thank you so much!" -P.R.

"I am excited to tell you that I passed my National Board exam (1st attempt)!!!  I wanted to personally thank you for all of your help with the review courses. They were wonderful!  I especially enjoyed the lectures from Margaret J. Fehrenbach, and I hope to meet her someday.  I will definitely recommend your course to the upcoming graduating classes at Wayne County Community College, Detroit, MI." -K.P

"I thought the instructors were very helpful and worked with my schedule. That was very nice and made this class a good choice for me.  I liked the whole review and they covered a lot of material.  The book went well with everything and I liked the review on all subjects.  It was a good refresher" -C.T.

"I chose RDHEDU.COM because I needed structure for studying once my classes were completed.  Information on the course was presented in an organized manor that seemed to compliment what I was planning to study.  After discussing the course content with Joyce, I knew that it was exactly what I needed to keep me on track while studying. I took the exam sooner than most of my classmates and was very successful and prepared. I also appreciated the different pricing, I was able to choose a package that I could afford and I was also offered an upgrade should I decide I needed more courses. Joyce was very cooperative, understanding, supportive and informative during the weeks I spent using the review.  The instructors were exceptional in delivering a clear and concise review of the important topics covered on the NBDHE -that says a lot about a business!  I really enjoyed that you see the power point and the instructor during the lecture.  It felt as if you were at a lecture but in the comfort of your own home. It was nice that you could ask questions at any time during the live lecture.  The time of the courses was extremely convenient" -K.P.

"I wanted to let you know that I was successful on my clinical exam and I want to thank you so much for all your help!  I followed all your advice and suggestions and found that it helped me a great deal to pass my exam.  Thank you again and I will be recommending you to my colleagues from school." -L.M.

"The best part of the RDHEDU webinars is how much variety there is in topics to ensure covering many different types of dentistry and different subjects.  The presenters are always helpful, informative and very excited about their topics, which makes it easier to listen to.  I have recommended these webinars  to colleagues at my dental office and to fellow hygienists from school."  -M.L.

"I am one of the students from Sanford Brown Institute. I am happy to say that your online review courses helped me to successfully pass my National Dental Hygiene Board Exam!  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your rewarding online review course.  I will be sure to pass on the word to future Dental Hygiene students pursuing licensure!" -K.C.

"The times the seminars were offered were good, it was affordable, the information provided prepared me exactly for what the Canadian exam would require, and it would have helped me tremendously when I was preparing for the US national board exam. I could not have done this without your preparatory course offerings. Your course covers all major areas. Everyone was professional, I felt comfortable asking questions, and the attachments you had mailed were also helpful.  The electronic format was easy to use and your directions were always prompt and clear. Being able to review each session was a huge benefit!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, JOYCE for EVERYTHING! I appreciate all your colleagues." -J.W-W