COURSE DESCRIPTION"BEYOND THE TEXT BOOK" EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT  for the Oral Biology Instructors and Oral Biology Fans and Geeks. 

The General and Oral Pathology & Head and Neck Operating Mode BOOTCAMP webinars are available NOW on-demand at your own pace. Permissions to view any of these webinar series extend over a 3 month period. They can be viewed as many times as needed and helpful when teaching these courses.  Your registration includes outlines, slides with notes. The Oral Biology, Head and Neck, and General Pathology BOOTCAMP webinars are presented by Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS, Oral Biology dental science technical writer who has authored and contributed to Oral Biology articles and textbooks. The basics of the skull, nerve and muscle are covered with plenty of punch, what does the future call out on local anestheisa? and the "Velvet Touch" go to the next level, and thyroid, lymph and TMJ relate the histology to clinical observations.

The Oral Pathology BOOTCAMP webinars are presented by David Clark, Bsc, DDS, MSc (Oral Pathology), FAAOP, FRCDC.  Dr. Clark is a world renowned Oral Pathology continuing education lecturer and recipient of the Academy of Dentistry International Award of Distinction.

The Oral Biology BOOTCAMP (Embryology, Histology and Dental Anatomy) webinar series is 9 CE hours.

The General and Oral Pathology BOOTCAMP webinar series is 8 CE hours.

The Head and Neck Oral Biololgy BOOTCAMP webinar series is 10 CE hours.  For an overview of this webinar series, check out these URL links, 

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Oral Biology BOOTCAMP -Embryology, Histology and Dental Anatomy CE Webinar Options:

On receipt of your transaction, the URL links, notes, outlines and power points will be e-mailed to you with the instructions to access the webinars. 


"I would like to express how grateful I am for the Oral Biology course you offer.  First of all, it is hard to find one. They are usually just so basic that I don't learn a thing. As a California educator, we are required to take courses in our content area to meet state guidelines.  Your Oral Biology course exceeded my expectations and I contiue to reference the downloaded handouts each time I teach.  So again, thank you for this useful and in-depth ccourse. It really was a great experience." -S.L.

"Dr.Clark is great in his presentation on Oral Pathology. He has a very relaxed form, yet knows his material. It was more like he was using his slides to remind him of what to say and not reading from the slides. One of the best I have heard in Oral Pathology.  Dr. Clark's updates were clinically relevant and appreciated. Very good information on HPV." -C.K.

"You ladies are amazing!!! I have promoted it on Facebook and many educational outlets!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" -C.K.

"'Beyond the textbook' is my favorite part of Ms Fehrenbach's presentation. The links provided allow me to source articles for myself. They are a great resource.  I appreciate having copies of the handouts for the presentations.  They are an invaluable source of information that I can access anytime I wish." -K.O.

"I want to start off by saying thank you for making the Oral Biology and Head and Neck Operating Modes BOOTCAMP webinars available. Viewing these webinars during the summer is easier than the school year.  Also, kudos to you for providing an easy way to get continuing education for these subjects! It has been hard to find continuing education in these areas of study.  I enjoyed the webinars! They provided me with validation that I understand the material. I enjoyed getting the additional information to pass on to my students! Exclusive membership to the Oral Biology BOOTCAMP Facebook group is a great tool! As an educator, I will continue to use the FB information. Thank you for your hard work and service to the dental hygiene profession" -T. M.

"I loved Margaret.  She is very entertaining and funny.  A person can see she is very passionate about the material she presents. The presenters go in great depth of the topics presented. I loved every tiny bit of material covered. During the webinar, both Margaret and Joyce provided hints about the subject material. The "Beyond the Textbook" was useful, and will help new and "experienced" teachers." -M.M.

"Great information! Great review, and great insight into the future with the stem cell research." -S.G

"One of my faculty members is taking the BOOTCAMP right now.... She thinks it's awesome." -J.T.